Disaster recovery

In a perfect world, there would be no need for a backup. Reality tells a different story. Business critical environments must be prepared for the unexpected.

The unexpected is always upon us

However, the unexpected is always upon us. Because of this, it is important – especially in business environments – to be prepared for when the unexpected happens. In a database scenario, the unexpected could be any of the following:

  • data corruption
  • system failure; including hardware failures
  • human errors
  • natural disaster

In these cases, any ICT manager or DBA should be able to repair from the incident and recover in the shortest time possible. We normally refer to this discipline as Disaster Recovery, a branch of Business Continuity.

Be prepared

Every business environment can experience the unexpected. Unexpected events cause stress, which then lead to panic if no plan or procedures are in place. Proper planning, prevention and training make your business more robust against unexpected events.

A recent survey by Symantec unveiled that only one in two companies has a disaster recovery plan. Among them, more than 50% have implemented it only after a severe data loss or down-time. They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble as well as costs had they acted pre-emptively and planned for disaster recovery in advance.

Another alarming result is that over 70% of the companies that have a disaster recovery plan never test the procedures.

Disaster recovery solutions

EnterpriseDB’s disaster recovery solutions with Barman will guide your company to meet high requirements of business continuity, from analysis and design to implementation and training.

All our installations are followed by disaster simulations and recovery operations performed directly by your personnel. In some countries and cases, like the “Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale” (CAD) in Italy, there is a law that enforces disaster recovery plans and tests.