Barman 2.15 released

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12 October 2021: EnterpriseDB is proud to announce the release of Barman version 2.15, a Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL.

This minor release introduces plural forms list-backups, list-servers and show-servers. A new last-failed backup shortcut to reference the newest failed backup. Also add tablespaces management for EPAS (9.6 and 10)

Release notes

  • Add plural forms for the list-backup, list-server and show-server commands which are now list-backups, list-servers and show-servers. The singular forms are retained for backward compatibility.

  • Add the last-failed backup shortcut which references the newest failed backup in the catalog so that you can do: barman delete <SERVER> last-failed

  • Tablespaces will no longer be omitted from backups of EPAS versions 9.6 and 10 due to an issue detecting the correct version string on older versions of EPAS.


About Barman

Barman is an open-source administration tool for backup and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python. It allows organizations to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical environments and help DBAs during the recovery phase.

Barman is maintained by EnterpriseDB and distributed under GPL v3.