Barman 3.4.0 released

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26 January 2023: EnterpriseDB is proud to announce the release of Barman version 3.4.0, a Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL.

Release Notes

  • This is the last release of Barman which will support Python 2 and new features will henceforth require Python 3.6 or later.

  • A new backup_method named snapshot is added. This will create backups by taking snapshots of cloud storage volumes. Currently only Google Cloud Platform is supported however support for AWS and Azure will follow in future Barman releases. Note that this feature requires a minimum Python version of 3.7. Please see the Barman manual for more information.

  • Support for snapshot backups is also added to barman-cloud-backup, with minimal support for restoring a snapshot backup added to barman-cloud-restore.

  • A new command barman-cloud-backup-show is added which displays backup metadata stored in cloud object storage and is analogous to barman show-backup. This is provided so that snapshot metadata can be easily retrieved at restore time however it is also a convenient way of inspecting metadata for any backup made with barman-cloud-backup.

  • Bug fixes:

    • The instructions for installing Barman from RPMs in the docs are updated.

    • The formatting of NFS requirements in the docs is fixed.

    • Supported PostgreSQL versions are updated in the docs (this is a documentation fix only - the minimum supported major version is still 10).


Source code and wheel file can be downloaded from release 3.4.0 page.

About Barman

Barman is an open-source administration tool for backup and disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python. It allows organizations to perform remote backups of multiple servers in business critical environments and help DBAs during the recovery phase.

Barman is maintained by EnterpriseDB and distributed under GPL v3.