Barman: disaster recovery for business critical PostgreSQL databases

image-left Only one in two companies has a database disaster recovery plan in place. Among them, 50% have implemented it only after experiencing a severe data loss or down-time.

Do not wait until it is too late. Act pre-emptively. Discover how Barman and EnterpriseDB can help you secure your business critical PostgreSQL databases.

Barman 3.10.1 released

Recover your database to a point in time

Barman relies on PostgreSQL’s extremely robust and reliable Point In Time Recovery technology

Barman 3.10.1 released

Control several servers from one place

Barman allows you to remotely manage the backup and recovery phases of multiple servers from the same location

Barman 3.10.1 released

Manage a catalogue of backups for a server

One of the coolest features of Barman is the backup catalogue, which allows you to list, keep, delete, archive and recover several full backups under the same hood